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Jhonnatan C. Barbosa

Hi, I'm Jhorro, a game designer passionate about crafting engaging experiences through captivating gameplay and immersive storytelling. With expertise in various aspects of game design, I've collaborated on diverse teams to deliver beloved games. My portfolio showcases past projects and contributions, and I'm eager to apply my skills to new game ventures



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GDD - Bagre Noturno

GameJam GDD - Portuguese - 2024

GDD - Jelly Morph

Interview Test, Max 3 Slides - 2024

GDD - Quantum Cafe

Interview Test, Max 2 Pages - 2024

GDD - Content

Interview Test, Max 3 Pages - 2021

QDD - Genshin Impact

Quest Design Study - FanMade - 2024

LDD - Fire Dungeon

Design study - 2021



Fox Tales Studios

These are the games I worked on with FoxTales. I mainly worked as a Game Designer and 3D artist.

narkissos jogo game design foxtales


Genre: First-Person Horror

Platform/Engine: PC/Unity

Production Time: 2 Months (June 2021)

Description: You are an investigative reporter who visits an abandoned house to find clues for your first big case. Explore the creepy environment, interact with objects and solve puzzles in this low-poly PS1-style horror game.


  • Game Design: I designed the level, mechanics, interactions, the quests and puzzles.

  • 3D Art: I worked on the scenario, modeling the and objects. Also worked on material and texture creation.

wings of hope jogo game design foxtales

Wings of Hope

Genre: Open-World Survival

Platform/Engine: PC/Unreal

Production Time: 2 Months (October 2021)

Description: You play as a pilot responsible for delivering essential supplies to stranded survivors on multiple islands. Each island presents unique challenges and terrains that you must navigate to fulfill your missions and assist those in need.


  • Game Design: I designed two immersive islands, the challanges and terrain. Also worked on the balancing for a better flow and the game documentation.

riddles of the sand jogo game design foxtales

Riddles of the Sands

Genre: Open World Puzzle Adventure

Platform/Engine: PC/Unity

Production Time: 2 Months (March 2021)

Description: Embark on a captivating journey as you find yourself stranded on a mysterious desert island. Explore a vast open world filled with unique landmarks and unravel challenging puzzles and thrilling challenges at each location. Immerse yourself in the immersive environment and overcome obstacles to uncover the secrets hidden within the sands.


  • Game Design: I designed the open world layout, puzzles, challenges, and progression system. Also worked on documentation.

echoes of the underground jogo game design foxtales

Echoes of the Underground

Genre: Puzzle Horror

Platform/Engine: PC/Unreal

Production Time: 3 Weeks (May 2021)

Description: Each time you board the train, the loops reset, and you must navigate your way through a series of enigmatic stations, desperately searching for an escape. Uncover the secrets hidden within the underground and unravel the mysteries that bind you to this nightmarish cycle.


  • Game Design: Designed the puzzle loop mechanics, ensuring challenging and engaging gameplay.

mega racing jogo game design foxtales


Genre: Platform Racing

Platform/Engine: PC/Unity

Production Time: 1 Month (February 2021)

Description: Dive into the heart-pounding world of platform racing with our homage to Megaman X's Chill Penguin Stage. Compete against skilled racers on challenging tracks filled with obstacles and power-ups. Immerse yourself in a visually captivating environment crafted with custom-made models and textures.


  • Game Design: Meticulously designed three unique track layouts, incorporating obstacles, power-ups, and thrilling gameplay mechanics. Conducted extensive testing and balancing to ensure an exhilarating racing experience. Documented the design process for future reference.

  • 3D Art: Created immersive props that breathe life into the game's environment, enhancing the visual appeal and overall experience.

madicao de netuno jogo game design foxtales

Maldição de Netuno

Genre: Action Rounds Shooter

Platform/Engine: PC/Unity

Production Time: 2 Months (November 2021)

Link:  Click Here

Description: Brace yourself for an intense rounds-based game set aboard a ship, where survival depends on your skill to eliminate waves of enemies. Each round presents escalating challenges with increased enemy numbers, a vast arsenal of weapons, and formidable bosses. Engage in a battle for survival within a meticulously designed ship, while managing resources and adapting to the ever-growing difficulty.


  • Game Design: Crafted the ship's layout, enemy encounters, and interactive elements. Implemented a balanced game economy, fine-tuning weapons and overall difficulty. Extensively documented, prototyped, and playtested core game features and mechanics.

  • 3D Art: Created immersive environmental props that enhance the level design, contributing to the ship's atmosphere and providing a visually engaging experience.

donkey sonic jogo game design foxtales

Donkey Sonic

Genre: Retro Platformer

Platform/Engine: PC/Unity

Production Time: 2 Weeks (August 2020)

Description: Embark on a nostalgic journey with our rendition of the classic Donkey Kong, reinvented with a Sonic twist. Witness our coding skills in action as we bring this retro platformer to life. Challenge yourself to overcome obstacles, navigate treacherous levels, and defeat enemies in a vibrant and familiar universe.


  • Game Design: Applied game design principles to create engaging level layouts, enemy placements, and gameplay mechanics. Focused on delivering a satisfying and balanced player experience. Collaborated on the concept and integration of Sonic-themed elements into the original Donkey Kong framework.

coal jogo game design foxtales


Genre: Dark Fantasy Metroidvania

Platform/Engine: PC/Unity

Production Time: 2 Months (September 2020)

Link:  Click Here

Description: Immerse yourself in a captivating dark fantasy universe as you embark on an epic journey in our Metroidvania-style game. Traverse a sprawling interconnected world, encountering unique religions, menacing monsters, and formidable humans. Delve into the depths of mystery and unravel the secrets that lie within, all while encountering the enigmatic Coals.


  • Game Design: Crafted a meticulously designed world with interconnected pathways, secrets, and non-linear exploration. Developed engaging gameplay mechanics, including character abilities, enemy encounters, and environmental puzzles. Collaborated on the creation of the game's lore, religions, and atmospheric storytelling.

technichal dificuties jogo game design foxtales

Technical Difficulties

Genre: Multiplayer Party Game

Platform/Engine: PC/Unity

Production Time: 2 Months (November 2020)

Link:  Click Here

Description: Immerse yourself in a thrilling multiplayer competitive experience, drawing inspiration from the popular game Among Us. Engage in quick-paced rounds where deception and strategy are key to victory. Unmask the impostors, complete tasks, and unravel the truth in this dynamic and engaging party game.


  • Game Design: Designed the game mechanics to foster suspenseful gameplay and strategic decision-making. Created a balanced and fair experience for all players, ensuring an exciting and competitive atmosphere. Collaborated on refining the core gameplay loop and introducing unique twists to keep players engaged.

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