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Operation Night Catfish: Lux in Tenebris

 A Stealth Action Comedy Adventure

In May 2024, FisherMan Tales Studios presented "Operation Night Catfish: Lux in Tenebris" as their submission to CtrlAltJam#3, a three-week game jam.

Our team of four, with my roles as Game Designer, Producer, and 3D Artist, embarked on crafting an alternate reality set in Brazil in the year 2031. Here, the Brazilian Armed Forces take center stage, adopting a bold stance on the global stage while navigating delicate diplomatic waters with third-world nations.

Drawing inspiration from iconic franchises like Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, and Syphon Filter, our game offers a fresh blend of stealth, action, and comedy. Players step into the shoes of a special Brazilian agent tasked with high-stakes missions involving infiltration, espionage, and sabotage across international settings.

The central concept revolves around the tension between serious espionage and absurd comedy. As players navigate through missions, they encounter characters who find themselves in bizarre situations, all while tackling serious geopolitical challenges.

In the game's narrative, Brazil's ascent as a global military power reshapes the geopolitical landscape, leading to escalating tensions and complex alliances. Players must navigate this volatile world, safeguarding Brazilian interests amidst shifting diplomatic currents and high-stakes conflicts.

The story kicks off with a mission to infiltrate a multinational corporation posing as a researcher. The objective? Steal confidential files unveiling the corporation's sinister plans to monopolize moonlight, leaving impoverished nations in darkness.

"Operation Night Catfish: Lux in Tenebris" offers players a thrilling adventure through a familiar yet alternative reality, where strategic espionage meets comedic chaos. Join us on this journey as we redefine the boundaries of stealth gaming with a uniquely Brazilian flair.

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