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About Me

Personal Profile

Hey there! I'm Jhonnatan Barbosa, a Game Designer born and bred in São Carlos, São Paulo. Fresh out of PUC-SP with a degree in Digital Games, I'm passionate about creating immersive gaming experiences. My journey in game design started with childhood wonder and has grown into a lifelong dedication. Here I tell a little about my history and my tastes, take a look around <3

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Level Design, Gameplay Mechanics, User Experience (UX), Creative Problem Solving


unity logo unreal logo game engines
autodesk maya logo 3d model animation fbx art
visual studio logo game development c c# c++ python





Game Design,
Programming, Prototyping, Tech-Art, Optimizing and Project Management.

Modelling, Shading and Animation. Rendering in Arnold and V-Ray.

Game development,

 Debugging and Prototyping.
C/C#/C++, Python and Blueprint. 

Teamwork, Communication, Project Management, Creative Vision with a Multidisciplinary Teams.

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Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP).

Bachelor's degree, Digital Games.

At PUC-SP, the Digital Games Bachelor's program equips students to collaborate within development teams for various products like 3D environments, platform games, and mobile interfaces. The curriculum emphasizes visual ergonomics, gameplay, interactivity in network environments, and aesthetics using active methodologies that empower students in their learning.


Universidade de São Paulo(USP).

Bachelor's degree, Statistics. (Incomplete)

The Bachelor of Statistics is a field within the realm of exact sciences, emphasizing Mathematics and Computer Science. Mandatory courses provide foundational training alongside essential statistical knowledge crucial for professionals entering the job market.


Escola Técnica Estadual de São Paulo (ETEC).

High School.

The State Technical Schools are institutions offering technical and high school education, including integrated programs, under the Paula Souza State Center of Technological Education. They operate under the jurisdiction of the Secretariat for Economic Development, Science, and Technology in São Paulo state.

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Oct/2023 - Dec/2023

Super Geeks S.A.

Game Development Teacher

Cultivated creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication while offering invaluable industry insights. Provided a comprehensive curriculum to empower game developers, emphasizing not just technical proficiency but also essential soft and hard skills crucial in the industry. Prepared students for successful careers in game development by equipping them with technical expertise and adaptive skills essential for success.

Apr/2023 - Jul/2023

Engineering For Kids Brasil

Instructor of Game Development and Robotics

Empowered students in game development and robotics, fostering collaborative learning for crafting engaging games while exploring the innovative world of robotics. Combined expertise in both fields to nurture critical thinking and provide personalized guidance, preparing aspiring developers for successful careers in game design and the evolving realm of robotics.

Mar/2020 - Mar/2023

FoxTales Studios
Game Designer

Led game design process, incorporating creative ideas and mechanics to deliver engaging gameplay experiences. Actively participated in brainstorming, documenting, prototyping, and playtesting our games. Collaborated with a team of eight people to design, develop, and publish over 15 games, including award-winning games at GameJams.

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